be patient with yourself
It’s hard to be tolerant of yourself when you don’t get a “wow” effect or you make another pass site, but this is also part of the journey
rule one
Take into account the limitations of your resources and do not demand feats from yourself, small steps are better
you can handle it
Cultivate and cherish a sense of pride in your small successes, let them inspire you
be proud of yourself
keep your inner perfectionist in check
Be critical of the desire to make something amazing out of every project and remember that it is not always possible to jump above your head, and it is not always necessary to do so
rule two
what you need!
rule three
There will always be more creative, talented and successful people, but you have your own path, your victories and successes also have a place in this world
don't compare yourself to others
other design
your design
respect your pace
respect your pace
respect your pace
respect your pace
respect your pace
respect your pace
discipline without violence
Study your “I don’t want” and “I can’t” with curiosity, do not do it by force. Try to find a balance between rest and work, remember: good rest = productive work
rule four
look for balance
allow yourself to be wrong
There will always be something in life where you will fail. Not necessarily time after time, but sometimes for sure. This is also part of the path
rule five
Find your style, try different tricks, make mistakes and start working again
The process is an integral part of the result, so why not enjoy it?
kind manifesto
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